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We have been building this new website over the last few months…boy what a job! Everything wiped clean and a brand new everything. DMS Branding has been killing it getting everything up to date, functional and most of all…stable. We have added in some galleries and focusing on filling up this blog. My logo has yet to be determined…Something will come to me that feels like a good fit.
I didn’t think the press, awards and covers had a place on the website as some of this press is 17 years old. (GOSH). But, I think it is still important to have my accomplishments somewhere in here. I remember each and every one of these people very vividly and how fun and equally stressful yet fulfilling these sessions were. I remember calling my brides to tell them we won the cover of Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine, and the publisher of Ultimate MMA Magazine calling to tell me that one of my images made the cover. Gosh that was a stressful shoot…lol! I went in to photograph the warm up grids and if Urijah gave me the time we could shoot some additional stuff. Of course he did, he is just a nice guy. And YEAH, we killed it like the big kids do…we made cover! Man that was so cool….
This whole photo world has been an incredible time for me 🙂